Flowers are always a good idea.

Sometimes I need a fresh burst of inspiration and joy. Spring time and flowers never fail to deliver.

If you are looking to capture the beauty of spring flowers, I invite you to this 50 minute workshop where I go from start to finish.

I start with the focus, the bouquet, what I'm looking for (and what I eliminate to create a lovely painting!)

Then, a simple sketch, followed by painting.

There's always a part of the painting where I think it's falling apart...I'll share how I take care of that.

In the final section, we'll add another layer of paint plus a bit of ink to emphasize certain blooms.

Creating works of art doesn't have to take a long time! In this tutorial, I teach how to paint a bouquet in under an hour.

Bring the beauty of spring in to your home with this class.

By the end, you'll not only have enjoyed an hour of painting, you'll have the guidance to take your bouquets and create unique paintings of your own!

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Paint this Spring Bouquet with me!

Create a loose watercolor of these inspiring spring flowers in less than 20 minutes! A fun project to create for your own home, mother's day gift, journal cover, and so much more!      

Get the workshop & start painting!

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